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  • *Due to the recent ROMAINE LETTUCE RECALL, all romaine lettuce has been removed from campus cafeterias until further notice.

    Children need well-balanced, nutritious meals to maintain health & be successful in school. Aledo ISD Cafeterias offer a healthy breakfast & lunch every school day. Meals & snacks are analyzed for nutrition content. School meals also provide a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, limited fats/sodium & contain many sources of whole grains and calcium. Our staff is proud to serve & educate your students about healthy food choices. Please contact us if you need assistance.

    Ancient Grains   Ancient Grains   Ancient Grains   Ancient Grains    Ancient Grains   Ancient Grains  

    During the month of November, each of our cafeterias created a recipe using ANCIENT GRAINS WITH KALE and shared FREE SAMPLES with the students. The recipes were unique, delicious and the students not only tried them but loved them and came back for seconds! Recipes ranged from cold salads (with rotel, green chilies, and garlic), to egg and cheese patties, to warm sausage salads. Lots of variety and creativity!

    Taste it - Don't Waste It

    Prize with Meal (Elementary/Intermediate Students) - December 10th
    Ice Cream with Meal - December 20th

    GRADUATED SENIORS/WITHDRAWING STUDENTS: Call AISD Child Nutrition Office at 817-441-5142 to get a refund on cafeteria account or to transfer funds to a sibling.





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